Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy’s Policy on applying funds from grassroots/special events to Race to End Duchenne fundraising commitments.  This policy applies to all Race to End Duchenne (RED) races recruiting as of January 1, 2017.

In order for PPMD to maximize your investment in our mission to end Duchenne, if a runner would like to apply funds raised from a PPMD staff-assisted grassroots/special event to their RED fundraising commitment the following criteria must be met:

  • The grassroots/special event must raise a gross minimum of $25,000.
  • The combined expense ratio must not exceed 15% of the total funds raised for BOTH events. The total expense for event (any cost directly associated with your event including deposits and fees, such as t-shirts, race timer/director, food, etc.) plus overhead costs to RED event (entry fees, staff time, pasta dinner, etc.) must be less than 15% of total funds raised at event
    • Example: You host an event and pay $3,000 in expenses, but make $30,000 on the event. The race you  are interested in joining has a charity fee PPMD pays, and other associated costs that equal $1000 to PPMD. The total expense is $4,000, which is 13% of the event total – you are able to apply the minimum requirement from the event to the race. ($3,000 + $1,000)/$30,000 = 13%
      • Expenses for Event: $3,000
      • Overhead costs to RED event: $1,000
      • Total funds raised at event: $30,000
      • 13% < 15%, so funds may be applied to the fundraising minimum

If events meet this criteria, funds may only be applied to the fundraising minimum for the RED event, thereby allowing participants to recognize the minimum required for participation. Funds may be applied to multiple runners’ fundraising minimums, as long as the combined fundraising ration stays within the 15% guideline.

Participants are welcome to fundraise separately from the event in order to qualify for incentives and special benefits (i.e.: Fundraising Challenge).
We are deeply appreciative of all of the hard work you do to raise crucial funds for PPMD. Our priorities are to be good stewards of your donors’ money, and to continue to move the Duchenne field forward. But in order to accomplish this, it is important for families to maintain a 15% or lower expense ratios for events.

Can I raise money through both events?
Yes, of course. In fact, this is our preference. If you don’t plan to apply funds from your grassroots/special event to your RED fundraising commitment, PPMD can assist with the event planning and execution process and you can fundraise separately for your RFOS race through peer to peer networking or other means.
Can I still host my event?
Absolutely! The only change here is that if the event doesn’t raise at least $25,000 or the expense ratio exceeds 15% of the total overhead for the event and race, funds cannot be applied to your RED fundraising minimum.
What if PPMD isn’t billed for the fundraiser?
If PPMD is not required to pay any expenses for the event for you and does not spend extensive staff time or incur travel expenses, then you may use all of the funds raised for your RED minimum.
Can I host an event to raise money for my participation?
Of course! PPMD is not able to pay out expenses when the event proceeds are being used solely to meet an endurance event fundraising minimum, but you can certainly encourage your peers to help you meet your minimum by hosting small scale events. For these small scale events, PPMD is happy to send you literature about PPMD and Duchenne, and we have promotional materials for purchase as well. All income from such events will be credited directly to your RED fundraising total.
For more information, please contact:
Nicole Herring
Vice President of Development and Community Engagement