You’ve been plugging away for months, setting up a stellar fundraising page, sending out heartfelt emails to friends, family, co-workers, the guy who works at the dry cleaners anyone and everyone you can think of who might support your efforts. Now you’re down to the wire and you need one last plea that will catch their attention and make them dig deep.

Have you considered the most simple of asks? Try asking for $1 per mile you plan to run. That’s less than $30 (less than $15 if you’re running a half marathon) these days it takes more to fill up your gas tank. Even those who’ve already given might consider throwing another $26.20 your way to help you reach your goal.

And if you’re running in honor of a person with Duchenne, ask people to kick in another $26.20 for every mile that person CAN’T run, because this disease has robbed them or will rob them of what you and I take for granted the ability to walk and run.

Check out this simple last-minute email below. Go ahead, you can steal it and pass it off as your own. We won’t tell.


Dear Friends and Family,

As I enter the final stretch toward the XXXXX Marathon, I would like to thank all of you who have so generously donated to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy. Your support will help so many people whose lives are affected by Duchenne.

At this time, I am asking people to consider donating $26.20 ($1/ each mile I will be running next weekend). If you can, please also consider giving another $26.20 for every mile XXXXX can’t run, because every mile I’m running is really for him.

If this is something you would like to do please follow this link and find out how you can support my efforts.

[insert link to your fundraising page]

Please consider forward this to any one whose life may have been touched by Duchenne.


[Your name]