Social media is, hands down, the best way to get the attention of the largest amount of people in your life with the least amount of effort.

The average Facebook user has over 300 friends. If each of those friends gave just $5 to support your Race to End Duchenne efforts, you’d be halfway (or more) to your goal! Several of our runners report meeting their fundraising minimums in a matter of days, simply by posting a plea for support on Facebook.

Here are a few tips on how to use Facebook to help meet your fundraising goal:

  • Repost your “ask” several times a day. That way no matter what time someone logs in, it will always appear in their newsfeed.
  • Rephrase your request in several different ways over a one or two week span. Give various reasons why you’re participating on the Race to End Duchenne team. People almost always pay attention to something new and different.
  • Always include the link to your fundraising page in your post, so all your friends have to do is click through and donate.
  • Tell your story in photos. Capture shots that you feel convey why you’re running, then upload them to your page and include a request for support. People love visuals to go with their stories!
  • Run your own contest! Have an extra ticket to next weekend’s baseball game? Post that the first 20 people to click through and donate will be entered into a drawing to go with you!