Who says you can’t wear your fundraising heart on your sleeve…or your arm…or your leg – or wherever else you want to? Be a walking billboard and raise big bucks!

While we’re not suggesting you call up Coca-Cola and try to sell them your left arm, we bet your neighbor with the lawn-care business might be interested. Or maybe your mom would want to see her name in print on the back of your leg as you run past her in the final mile. Selling “advertising” space on your body, or just the chance to make you wear some funny quote chosen by your donor is a creative and fun way to raise money.

Divide up the space on your arms, legs and any other spots that will be visible during the race and start selling! Temporary tattoos are easy to create at home, and the more you have, the more attention you’ll draw to yourself and your Race to End Duchenne shirt during the race! If making tattoos isn’t an option, a good old-fashioned marker or some body paint work just as well!

Check out some of these sites about how to make your own temporary tattoos:

If the thought of tattooing your body, even temporarily, makes you cringe – consider decking out your technical shirt instead! Iron-on paper makes it really easy to add photos and other images to your team shirt. You can find iron-on transfer computer paper at many major office supply stores or online.